“Get your head up”

our_visionWe are just about coming to terms with being back in work and beginning to set targets, develop plans, form strategy’s, create targets etc …all to make 2013 our year… We are at a point where we its time to crack on and get more jobs off the list…or are we missing something?

This is a time of year were we all struggle to take time out. We are starting again after most of us have had time to ‘stop’ in December. We are at that point in time, were our heads are down and we a cracking on with the job and life. But it could couldn’t be more important for you to…(in my best football shout) “get your head up”.

Forget get about the bitty jobs, the detail and (although we love it) stop fire fighting. Take some time to think about where we are going. If we cannot take time to reflect, think, contemplate and have a vision… before long it will heads down at Summer, heads down for September – then bang we will be getting ready for another round of over indulgence and tinsel clad living rooms. Now is the time for vision.

Check we know where we are going now and make certain its the right place for us. The worst time to lose our way is at the start of the journey…so check now (and check again). Vision for us and for our team. In work and in life.

The writings of Mark Nesti always give me pause for thought, read more here.


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