Sport and Arts – Important settings for health improvement

We recently had a letter published in Perspective in Public Health on sports and arts.

Dear Editor,

Davies’ paper in Perspectives in Public Health reports that arts settings were more effective than sports settings for promoting anti-smoking messages.1 While appreciating the reported differences, we can see that synergies exist between the two settings. Importantly, like the arts settings, sporting settings vary considerably in size and type, and this is also true when considering their application for health improvement. For instance, consider three levels of sporting settings for delivering health improvement interventions. First, international programmes, such as the European Healthy Stadia Network which aims to improve the health of fans and supporters through a range of interventions …

The link to the research is here. 

Pringle, A., Curran, K., Zwolinsky, S. & Parnell, D. Sport and Arts- Important Settings for Health Improvement. Perspectives in Public Health. 2015.


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