Super Duper Hard To Reach

Since being involved in community development I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people who help others. More recently, I have heard more and more people use the term “hard to reach”.


I am always left wandering what this actually means. More and more people are using the term. Whether its stating how “HARD to reach” their target group are, or by stating joyfully how they have (yes!) successful reached the “hard to reach” people, or even more audaciously stating…

“we have engaged with Super Hard to Reach men”…

I think its time to stop this…stop it now.

The notion of hard to reach and community football development can be traced to the UK Government’s White Paper, ‘Healthy People, Healthy Lives‘. Which identifies the importance of tackling a range of chronic health issues. The policy outlines the importance, of the ‘community’, as a route way into ‘hard to reach’ populations, to deliver health messages and interventions.

Just because the English Premier League matches are watched by millions and the fact everyone loves football…does NOT mean you can simply expect the brand of the football club to do all the work and reach such audiences.

So I am here to dispel the myth, as Ian Banks applauded following our recent workshop at the European Healthy Stadia Conference (read more here).

“There is no such thing as hard to reach, you just need to be bothered to reach them”.

All credit goes to Martyn Best (of Paver Smith and who is also a fellow Evertonian)


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