Sports strategy: Crouch urges local authorities to keep investing in sport

In a recent article for Leisure Management, the Sports Minister Tracey Crouch urged Local Authorities to continue to invest in sport. It appears that Sports Minister has forgotten about the depletion of Local Authorities services. Further, she also appears to not fully understand the differences between Kent County Council and those ‘up-North’ (which vary in this case in previous amount of sports investment, size and activity of voluntary sector and importantly wealth). 
Read the article here. 
For more on austerity impacts on sport and leisure see here.
Cuts to Local Authority budgets

In the last Spending Review will pave the way for further funding cuts across departments including local government, which through cuts to the DCLG will receive another sharp blow – falling by 56% by 2019/20, which equates to £6.1billion from their annual £12.8billion budget. This means funding for Local Authorities will fall by 6.7%.

This falls hard on an already depleted DCLG that had previously had funding cut 51% since 2010, which resulted in grants to Local Authorities falling by 27%.




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