The 2017 conference brought together researchers from across the social sciences, arts and humanities, as well as independent scholars, organisations & charities, who share an interest in making research more accessible and impactful and who want to discuss and understand, be introduced to and explore, the many different ways of achieving these aims.

I joined the conference in the Friday evening to chair an incredible programme of music and films. This included live music, films and animations:

  1. An unplugged live acoustic session with Kitrina Douglas and David Carless
  2. BETRAYAL directed by Susan Young; 
  3. The Sarajevo derby film by Joel Rookwood 
  4. Melanie Hani showed two animated films, ‘A Friend to Circles’ and ‘Class Pal’
  5. We Crossed The Tamar by Kitrina Douglas & David Carless (an insight here)

I am very honoured to be part of a beautiful organising team. The evening and Saturday offered so many varied insights into public engagement across disciplines. We discussed many challenges in public engagement, performances and research. Whilst ensuring a fun, supportive and safe environment for discussion and debate. It also included some of my favourite work (!!), notably Gwithian Sands:

And The Blue Funnel Line, which is personal as it reminds me of Liverpool and walking with my Grandad

For anyone interested in this type of activity the event is a must. To get a flavour of our first two years conferences check out the conference films below and read this years amazing programme of speakers and performances (amazing is an understatement!):

Year 1

Year 2

More details on the evening performances click here. Neither the link or this blog really shows what the event (community) offers, I am not good enough to put that into words. Feel free to give me a shout to speak through in more detail why this might be a good place to go and community to join in 2018.