Edited Special Issues

Call for papers: Ludvigsen, J.A., Rookwood, J., & Parnell, D. (2022). The sport mega-events of the 2020s: Governance, Impacts and Controversies. Sport in Society. Read more here.

Call for papers: Parnell, D., Rookwood, J., Bond, A., Widdop, P., & Ludvigsen, J.A. (2022). It’s a whole new ball game: Thirty Years of the English Premier League. Soccer & Society. Read more here.


Parnell, D., May, A., Fitzpatrick, D., & Widdop, P. (2020). The Impact of Global Economic Downturn on Sport Management. Global Journal of Sport Management. In progress.

Delheye, P., Verkooijen, K., Parnell, D., Hayton, J., Haudenhuyse, R. (2020). Sport for Development: Opening Transdisciplinary and Intersectoral Perspectives. Social Inclusion. In progress.


8.Football Politics: the Politics of Football

By Martin, J. Power, James Carr, Stephen, R. Millar, Daniel Parnell and Paul Widdop.

Power, M.J., Carr, J., Millar, S.R., Parnell, D., & Widdop, P. (2020). Football Politics: the Politics of Football. Managing Sport and Leisure, 25(1-2)

Accessible online here.


7. Football and its shifting global powerbase

By Paul Widdop, Simon Chadwick and Daniel Parnell.

Widdop, P., Chadwick, S., & Parnell, D. (2019). Football and its shifting global powerbase. Sport, Business Management: An International Journal, 9(1). 

Accessible online here. 


6. Sport for development and peace in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Daniel Parnell, Alex Cárdenas, Paul Widdop, Pedro Pable Cardoso-Castro and Sibylle Lang.

Parnell, D., Cárdenas, A., Widdop, P., Cardoso-Castro, P.P., & Lang, S. (2018). Sport for development and peace in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Journal of Sport for Development, 6(10).

Accessible online here.

5. Sport Policy and Politics in an ear of Austerity

By Daniel Parnell, Peter Millward, Paul Widdop, Neil King and Anthony May

Parnell, D., Millward, P., Widdop, P., King, N., & May. A. (2018). Sport Policy and Politics in an era of austerity. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. DOI: 10.1080/19406940.2018.1432672

Accessible online here.


4. Special Issue: Sport management issues in an era of austerity

By Daniel Parnell, Karl Spracklen and Peter Millward.

Parnell, D., Spracklen, K., & Millward, P. (2016). Special Issue Introduction: Sport management issues in an era of austerity. European Sport Management Quarterly. DOI:10.1080/16184742.2016.1257552

Accessible online here.

3. Health Stadia: an insight from policy to practice


By Daniel Parnell, Kathryn Curran and Matthew Philpott

Parnell, D., Curran, K., & Philpott, M. (2016). Healthy Stadia: An Insight from Policy to Practice. Sport in Society, DOI:10.1080/17430437.2016.1173914 

Accessible online here.

2. Football and health Improvement: An Emerging Field

FSAScover 1..2

By Daniel Parnell and Andy Pringle

Parnell, D., & Pringle, A. (2016) Football Health and Health Improvement. Soccer & Society, ISSN 1466-0970 (Print), 1743-9590 (Online)

Accessible online here.


  1. Football and Inclusivity

FSAScover 1..2By Daniel Parnell and David Richardson

Parnell, D., & Richardson, D. (2014) Football and Inclusivity. Soccer & Society, ISSN 1466-0970 (Print), 1743-9590 (Online)

Accessible online here.